Unsolicited Bridge Pics Podcast

I have been very busy the last…many months but as I return to writing and blogging I wanted to let folks know that I started a podcast with a close friend of mine where we take in-depth looks at Vermont politics and the incestuous relationship between power + local capitalists. We have 6 or so episodes so far and are hoping to average at least two a month. Our most recent episode we discuss Councilor Pine’s relationship to landlords.

Also, although I removed my personal Patreon a while back, Brie and I do have a patreon for the podcasts if you’d like to chip in! Costs go to cover equipment, childcare costs, server hosting. Anything extra goes to booze cuz we need it after most episodes.

I’ve included a link on the left side of the page or you can click here, thanks! https://www.patreon.com/unsolicitedbridgepicsvt

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