Councilor Joan Shannon and Inspector Bill Ward Collude to Help Landlords, not Tenants

Our ruling class continues to use unethical means to ensure tenants in Burlington continue to be screwed over by landlords. This time however, it is Joan Shannon, a sitting city councilor Charter Change Committee Member and landlord, misusing her position to enrich herself, with the help of chief housing inspector Bill Ward.

Together the two of them colluded to make sure every landlord the city works with knew about the city charter change which would definitely help tenants. Councilor Shannon worked with a department head to kneecap activists and tenants of the Burlington Tenants Union and others.

They didn’t just reach out to the Tenants Union and the Landlord Association; they went above and beyond and used emails the city received from taxed and official city business to drum up opposition to this change. On top of this, Joan used her position on the Charter Change committee to make it seem as if the entire committee was inviting these landlords even though it was just her.

Shannon even directs Bill Ward to include specific language in the email. Is this legal? Is it ethical? Is it an obvious conflict of interest, another in a long line from Councilor Joan Shannon?

Because Joan makes multiple requests to direct exactly what Mr Ward is saying. No longer is he a ‘neutral’ department head; he is doing the bidding of a single city councilor with an agenda to protect her own profits and wealth.

Don’t believe me? Here’s her reactionary thoughts on rent control and just cause evictions.

Joan Shannon abuses position with Bill Ward to hurt tenants

We are lowly peasants, they are our lords. When you call Code Enforcement, just remember who they work for; their capitalist friends.

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2 thoughts on “Councilor Joan Shannon and Inspector Bill Ward Collude to Help Landlords, not Tenants”

  1. Last Fall, Councilor Brian Pine was at at least one meeting to help the Mayor develop a paper on Tenants Rights to be submitted to the CDNR committee (Community Development and Neighborhood Resources) of the City Council. A committee that he chaired at the time, and still chairs.

    Brian Pine is a landlord himself. He is also clearly on record that rent control is a non-starter in Burlington, will never happen if he has anything to do with it.

    Everyone thinks people claiming collusion and conspiracy and racketeering are nut cases until…..

    So what will the rest of the Council do now? My bet: not a fu**ing thing.

  2. Absolutely Disgusting how This Cities Paid Officials and Democratic City Councilors treat the Hard working Citizens of Burlington and fight So Hard to Further Gentrify and Ruin our Neighborhoods !
    I do say it has a Serious Criminal aspect to it for Sure…. Now the questions are …… Where does the Buck Stop ?
    Who else on the City Council for the Democrats is going to be the Next to Shoot down Housing Reforms and get Caught Red Handed doing it !?!
    When is this Blatant Misuse of power going to Stop !?!
    Who is going to hold these 2 accountable for their actions ?
    I was told by Bill Ward himself that “had he had a list of Tenant Emails, he would have sent them one too.” Nice Try Mr. Ward !!
    I don’t believe you Not For One Minute soly based on exactly how you Lie to Other City Officials about Housing Code Vilations and are repeatedly allowed to get away with doing so !!

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