Chief Brandon del Pozo Bullies Critics into Silence

There are serious problems within the Burlington Police Department, and they come directly from its leadership. Chief del Pozo’s social media presence highlights these issues. Del Pozo’s social media is meant to bully and silence critics, whether it be private citizens or oversight groups like Copwatch, all while promoting himself. This behavior has recently even extended to hiding a citizen complaint to the police commission, trolling on twitter with a fake account, and abusing board connections to try to get a vocal critic fired from their job. At the same time, the department’s non-existent social media policy and lack of oversight has led to some embarrassing situations. These include ‘liking’ porn, leaking police videos, harassing private citizens, and interfering with state investigations. Those around del Pozo, who should be a check on his power, have failed to hold him accountable for any of his actions. They will never cross that thin, blue, ruling-class line.

Multiple times over the last few years, del Pozo has been confronted by concerned citizens. One such interaction, with Mr Fife (a friend), who was advocating for nothing more than a social media policy, ended in the above email, where del Pozo accused Fife of going down ‘the road to fascism‘. The Chief, after all, had bragged (above) about creating NYPD’s social media operation (to combat negative press after the murder of Eric Garner), so it should have been a simple and short task. And yet the following video of a Police Commission meeting Fife was invited to, shows otherwise.

Bullying and abusive behavior by del Pozo includes a ‘joke’ (at 3:00) about Mr Fife being ‘under the gun’, del Pozo abruptly rescinding their 18-month long agreement (15:10), and many personal, bad-faith arguments. In the video below, the Chief argues, once Mr Fife has left, that the only oversight he will agree to is mayoral. The commissioners present, including the current Chair Michelle Asch and Vice-Chair Shirin Hart, did not express any concern about del Pozo’s behavior, in email or in person.

Emails from the Burlington Police Department show a strategy to close ranks when criticized or offered feedback, to publicly ignore dissent while privately keeping tabs on dissenters, and to even block any attempts at public conversations around police reforms. It’s a strategy that regularly involves putting out press releases in a nakedly political manner to make the department look better after serious police misconduct and brutality. Machiavelli would be proud. Below are examples of Burlington police officers monitoring social media for dissent.

Copwatch, a citizen-watch group that formed after several black men were beaten by Burlington police officers, has faced some of the most aggressive paranoia from del Pozo and his hand-picked NYPD deputy, Jon Murad.

A few months after the police commission meeting above, I submitted a complaint to the Burlington Police Commission. My first online complaint never made it to the commission. Officers Wright, Murad, and del Pozo prevented that complaint from reaching the appropriate commission channels in a frightening display of disregard for even the thinnest veil of oversight and process.

However, after alerting the commission chair, my second complaint was received, and I began to an incredibly opaque and undignified process. I was not explained the steps of the process, nor was I kept up to date with the investigation, although I was at one point told that the department had no protocols in place for complaints against Chief del Pozo and would need to hire an outside investigator. All I knew was that the decision rested in the hands of Mayor Weinberger.

I assumed that the complaint was a dead-end, as the Police Commission and Mayor Weinberger have regularly condoned del Pozo and his officers’ aggressive and bullying behavior. And then, on July 4th, 2019, I was briefly visited by an anonymous Twitter troll who I believe was Chief del Pozo. The troll focused three(!) times on my complaints regarding cursing, complaints I specifically made on social media the day after del Pozo excused/downplayed swearing by officer Cory Campbell, who punched and killed Mr Douglas Kilburn. For all of my public writing and posting, it was an oddly very specific troll.

Why would Chief del Pozo have trolled me from an anonymous account? While the complaint and the multiple criticisms of the Chief’s social media policy played a part, another reason may be because I participated in pressuring del Pozo regarding a highly publicized botched PR campaign in late June 2019. An officer visited the Legacy Museum, a museum about the history of police brutality against black Americans, and wore a ‘thin blue line’ shirt. Many Vermonters of color were insulted by the clear ignorance.

Before the troll account was deleted I was able to figure out that the email associated with the troll account was connected to a local number that ended with the digits ’44’, the same two digits of the number connected to both del Pozo’s and BPD’s twitter accounts. A source with access to del Pozo’s personal cell phone number confirmed that his number also ends in ’44’. On top of this, all three accounts (BPD, del Pozo, and Winklewatch) used an Android phone. While this offered some evidence that the chief trolled me, what happened next was even more surprising.

A month ago my workplace, The Howard Center, HR told me that someone had complained anonymously about me in July of 2019, around the time that del Pozo trolled me. The complainant directly emailed Bob Bick, CEO of Howard Center, saying that my social media presence was ‘hostile and aggressive’.

The timing of the complaint around the Winklewatch Troll was too coincidental. On top of this, Mr Bick’s work email isn’t public, meaning the complaint was sent by someone comfortable enough to email him such a petty complaint. And, to add to this evidence, del Pozo is a board member at the Howard Center and has easy and regular email access with Mr Bick.

I believe the evidence shows that Chief del Pozo, Deputy Wright, and Deputy Murad kept my complaint about Chief del Pozo from the Police Commission. When that didn’t work, Chief del Pozo trolled and retaliated against me for making said complaint. I believe that it is not a coincidence that the troll’s phone number and phone type matched del Pozo’s, or that the troll complained about hyper specific, police and Burlington-official-related issues. When trolling didn’t work, del Pozo knew my employer personally and abused his position on the Howard Center Board of Directors to try to get me fired. All because I and others regularly criticized his social media bullying and shaming.

No elected officials are willing to hold Chief del Pozo, his deputies, or the Burlington Police Department responsible for their actions. And it’s important to note that even when people have called for modest police reforms, del Pozo utilized fear-mongering and claims of community distrust to protect his unfettered power. In response to Mr Fife, del Pozo argued that the only appropriate oversight was a mayoral election where Mayor Weinberger loses. If this sounds like a familiar argument, it is because President Trump, another bully, uses these exact sort of arguments. Paranoid bullies who feel they are owed power and influence, who serve and protect themselves, are cut from the same cloth.

It should make us all wonder – who is watching our police, why is our council allowing this to happen, is there any behavior del Pozo can engage in that would result in real consequences, and who, exactly, is heading down that road towards fascism?

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13 thoughts on “Chief Brandon del Pozo Bullies Critics into Silence”

  1. WOW , You Hit those nails Square on the head ! Our Government at ALL Levels is Out Of Control ! We ALL need to start holding our Government Officials Responsible for their actions, If we don’t start soon , It’ll be all over but the crying when they completely run us over. They work for US not the other way around. Proof evident ids the fact that China stopped allowing their Students to come to School (College) here because they say it’s too Dangerous for their Children. When will it end ? How much more are we willing to allow them to get away with ?

  2. Stop harassing the government. Normal people may occasionally have a issue or complaint but your consistent and continual whining just shows how desperate you are for attention.

      1. Excellent advice. Very considerate of you to try and save Mr. Fitzgerald time. He can do all his shopping in one trip. And it’s not even Costco! You should start an advice column Charles.

    1. Yeah, that Charles; I’ve never met such a narcissist in my whole friggin’ life. And then trying to hold people in power responsible for their actions, and their effects. What a loser!
      If we had more people like him around, you’d probably see the dirty poor everywhere!!! Homeless people off the sidewalk and into the street?!? Can you imagine?

      P.S. I’m not quite sure you appreciated the irony of calling Charles an attention grabber with the most juvenile statement in the world. If not, take note!
      “Hey, play nice everybody. We don’t have enough chairs for time-out today.” LMAO 😂

  3. If the mayor means what he says here, “Upon his return to work, I formally reprimanded the Chief and warned him that any repeat of the problematic conduct would result in his immediate termination,” then the FMLA claim is bogus.

    If the mayor actually believed that the police chief needed FMLA leave due to an ongoing mental medical condition allegedly stemming from a cranial injury due to a bicycling accident, then a repeat offense would call for more counseling rather than immediate dismissal – if the mayor has any idea what he’s talking about.

    So by insisting that del Bozo would face immediate dismissal on a second violation means that the medical-leave excuse is totally bogus and the mayor doesn’t even realize what he said – that he completely contradicted his earlier statement, no?

    1. Goddamn it Ted. Just when I thought I figured i kinda got the different angles, you make me realize why abstract ideas and their connections are my strong suit; not picking out incongruous details and following them to their logical end. Thanks a lot smarty pants. I think I need to go back to school😉❤️🏴. In case you don’t get the tone of this comment, as I certainly don’t, I just meant to say good point. And I haven’t seen it mentioned yet anywhere. Sorry my brains foggy from 7 hours of the joys of moving.(kill me please, someone)

  4. Del Pozo’s recent admission, as reported in Seven Days, suggests that he owes you an apology. Don’t hold your breath. He abused people before the bicycle accident and will undoubtedly do so again, and Miro will conveniently forget what he is reported to have said.

    Del Pozo should resign, for the good of BPD and for his own health. He obviously doesn’t take criticism well and will be suffering quite a bit of it in the coming days.

  5. Del Pozo’s lack of impulse control and poor judgement, TBI caused or not, calls into question his stability to carry a firearm and have the powers of arrest. If he can’t contain himself on social media then it’s questionable if can control himself with the use of deadly force.

  6. Next, please look at the how elites in BTV with mental health problems receive better care and more lenient consequences. I’d be happy to help provide documents

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