Who are Burlington’s Largest Landlords?

After a year of research I’m proud to share my research around housing in Burlington. This map shows which landlords own at least 100 beds and how much they own. If you want to look at a full screen map, click here.

In a town where 60% of residents own $0 housing wealth, the wealth gap continues to grow, leaving a few hundred wealthy landlords with immense wealth, while the vast majority of residents have little or no wealth at all. In total, property owned by these 27 landlords, just in Burlington, is conservatively valued at $1.23 billion dollars. Yes, you read that right. They own over HALF of all housing units in the city and over 40% of all beds, totaling 16,600 beds and 8,600 total units of housing.

Even if we look just at large for-profit and non-profit landlords, (we can talk about the immense influence UVM and Champlain College exert over our rental costs another day) the wealth these private individuals and organizations own, and number of housing units they control, means a handful of folks exert enormous influence over most of our lives.

The true ‘market’ value is likely upwards of $300 million, but the data is harder to parse as non-profits aren’t always assessed like for-profit buildings.

The 23 largest private, for-profit landlords own nearly $400 million in property, with a median personal wealth of $11 million. They own over 3,101 units and 6,056 bedrooms, or 19% of all units and 15% of all bedrooms in the city.

How do we, as tenants, gain control when a handful of individuals have such influence over our lives? By working together, through solidarity, and forming a tenants’ union. While we may not have much wealth we do have numbers – in fact if all renters voted, we would be easily able to vote for rent control, better enforcement, swifter and harsher penalties when landlords fail to act, public lawyers to represent us, and other rent and tenant protections.

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3 thoughts on “Who are Burlington’s Largest Landlords?”

  1. I know Offenhartz owns at least 1 duplex in Winnoski w/ 2BR & 1 BR. also certain of one other apartment- I met tenant at BHA meeting for ‘move out’ , but with his 90 day notice neither occupants of two units are able to move…

  2. Hi!
    Fellow ArcGIS enthusiast, I think the symbology is good for viewing specific neighborhoods in Burlington, but not Burlington from afar. To increase readability I might assign specific symbols to landowners instead of colors, and then use colors to determine how expensive a piece of property is. Further more, it might be more beneficial to symbolize price per acre instead of the price of the land piece itself, and only use graduated sizes in terms of acreage.
    If you’d send me the data, I’d be happy to mess around with it, and share my results.

  3. We All need to get toghether to Fight the Inequality that is Renting in Chittenden County. The Only way to get this Stopped , and Gain power is by Sticking together !!! If you are Not Yet a Member of this Tenants Union , Join Us !

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